ISO and Windows Solutions

• How to Add Files to Bootable ISO Image

Most of bootable ISO lacks of functions without additional files or packages. In some cases, we need to add files or folders to bootable ISO to make it more powerful. Read more >>>

• How to Clone Bootable USB to Another USB

Burning ISO Image to USB takes a lot of time and you can actually clone a booable USB to another USB so you don't need to reburn the USB again. Read more >>>

• How to Dual Boot Windows 10 on One Computer

Dual boot Windows 10 is highly accepeted demand among technical users for testing purpose. This article shows you 3 ways to create multiboot USB so you can install more than Windows os on one PC. Read more >>>

• Drive Missing Issue during Windows 10 Install

One of the common issues during Windows 10 installation is drive missing. Usually means, the downloaded ISO image is not complete or there is something wrong with the USB drive. Read more >>>

• How to Burn WIM to USB Drive

WIM is a container for installing Windows OS. Burning WIM to USB is not the same as ISO and you have to do some tweaking before burning get started. Read more >>>

• Best Windows PE Software in 2019

Are you looking for the best Windows 10 PE? This guide will show you three best Windows 10 PE that you can use to fix problems on your computer. Read more >>>

• How to Burn Disc Image to SD Card

Disc image is file archive that contacts bootable sector for OS installation. This post introduces two free tools to help you burn .img file to SD card. Read more >>>

• How to Install Windows 10 Using Rufus

You want to install the latest version of Windows 10 on a computer through UEFI. This guide will walk you through to create a bootable USB drive to do this task. Read more >>>

• Make Bootable Windows 10 USB on Mac without Boot Camp

Do you have to make a bootable Windows 10 installer USB on Mac without using Boot Camp Assistant? This post introduces 3 simple way to make a bootable USB on macOS. Read more >>>

• How to Install Windows 10 on New SSD from USB

SSD is much faster than traditional HDD. So it is wise move to install Windows 10 on a new SSD to boost the overall performance such as loading speed. Read more >>>


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