ISO and Windows Solutions

• Free Alternatives to UltraISO

UltraISO is a pioneer in ISO software market with powerful features. However, it is not user friendly for users in entry level. You will get the best alternatives to UltraISO in this post. Read more >>>

• Free Alternatives to Rufus

Rufus is a famous utility on Windows for making bootable USB. If it is not working properly in your case, what's the free alternative you could use? Read more >>>

• Best Alternatives to ImgBurn

ImgBurn is the de factor for DVD burning. It used to work well on Windows 7 as well as old version. But it might fail on Windows 10. You'd better find the best alternatives if it failed. Read more >>>

• Alternatives to WinISO

WinISO is a great software utility for operating ISO archive. However, no software is pefect. How to find the good alternatives to replace WinISO? Read more >>>

• How to Mount ISO Image File

In order to read the content or data in an ISO image, the first thing you should do is to mount the image on computer. The problem is how to mount ISO file? Read more >>>

• Create Windows 10 Bootable USB on Ubuntu Linux

You will be amazed how poweful Linux is. It is my first thing to hear that you can make a bootable Windows 10 USB on Linux machine with less effort on Windows. Read more >>>

• Best Alternatives to PowerISO for Burning

PowerISO was my first choice for burning ISO to USB or DVD a few years ago but there was not update for a long time. Any perefect alternative for PowerISO in 2019? Read more >>>

• How to Create Linux Bootable USB Stick

Playing with Linux is a lot of fun. How can you create a bootable Linux USB so you can install and play with the Linux box? Here are the steps to complish the task. Read more >>>

• Format USB to FAT32 on Windows and Mac

FAT32 is an open standard file system supported by Windows, Mac and Linux. Sometimes you have to format USB to FAT32 in order to read or write files to the target device. Read more >>>

• How to Migrate Data from Windows to Mac

Migrating data from Windows to Mac has been a big issue as there is no official app on Mac to do this. Now, Windows Migration Assistant is the way to go. Read more >>>


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