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• Best Free Alternatives to ImgBurn Software

Imgburn is the best free CD/DVD burning software on earth. Unfortunately, it does not work on latest Windows 10 computer for some reasons. You need to find alternative instead. Read more >>>

• How to Transfer Windows 10 from One PC to Another

You have to reinstall all apps and configure the settings when getting a new PC. Actually, you can easily transfer Windows 10 from one PC to another. Read more >>>

• How to Use Boot Camp Assistant App on macOS

This is a complete tutorial about Boot Camp Assistant. You can learn how to use this app to create a Windows bootable USB on macOS for free. Read more >>>

• How to Install Windows 10 on macOS Big Sur Beta

Upgraded to macOS Big Sur Beta and want to install Windows 10 with Boot Camp? This is the right place you can get started. Read more >>>

• Make Windows 10 Bootable USB on macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is now public available. One common question most of Big Sur users ask is how to create a bootable Windows 10 Installer USB on it. Here are 3 simple ways to do that. Read more >>>

• 3 Free Tools to Make Bootable USB from Windows 10/8/7 Installat DVD

How can you make a bootable USB from Windows 10 installation DVD disc? This is a great tutorial that shares 3 useful tools to complete the task. Read more >>>

• How to Make a Bootable ISO Image from DVD Installation Disc

DVD disc is no longer a favorite storage media any more. So it is better to backup the disc to ISO image. This tutorial tells you how to make a bootable image from dvd disc. Read more >>>

• Install Windows 10 on macOS Big Sur without Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp Assistant is really hard to use and has lower success rate. How can you install Windows 10 on macOS Big Sur without Boot Camp Assistant? Read more >>>

• How to Convert Bootable ISO File to Virtual Disk VHD/VMDK

By converting bootable ISO image into VHD or VMDK, you can build or clone a virtual machine more quickly. Read more >>>

• Etcher Alternatives - Best 4 Recommendation for Flashing OS Image

balenaEtcher is one of the best tools for flashing OS images to USB drive or SD Card. Sometimes it does not work. You can use these Etcher alternatives instead. Read more >>>


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