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Creating bootable USB from ISO gets involved tremendous effort to make it working. But it is not the case for UUbyte LiteBoot. All technical details are being done in background and totally hidden from user. This Bootable USB Creator will make the settings automatically based on the hardware and system configuration. After three simple steps with a few mouse clicks, a Windows/Linux/Mac bootable USB is ready for system installation.





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Create Windows Bootable USB from ISO

Easily create Windows bootable USB from system installation or repair. Supported Windows ISO includes Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server.

Fully compatible with UEFI and BIOS, meaning no matter the hardware is old or branded new, bootable USB created by UUByte LiteBoot is able to work on it without any issue.




Create Linux Bootable USB from Various Distributions

Unlike Windows 10, Linux has more than one hundred distributions with different kennel builds. So it is extremely difficult to develop a tool for supporting all Linux OS. But UUByte team managed to achieve this.

UUByte Bootable USB Creator software has been tested for more than 30 Linux ISO images and surprisingly has 100% success rate, making it the No.1 choice for creating Linux bootable USB in 2020.

Create ISO Image from File or Folder


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Download Windows ISO for Free

Plan to install Windows 10 on a new machine but do not have Windows ISO at hand? Then UUByte Bootable USB Creator comes into help. Besides creating bootable USB, LiteBoot is also capable of downloading a wide range of Windows 10 &8 ISO on a local computer with optimized network. It has a built-in download acceleration engine to boost the download speed.



1-Click Backup & Restore Windows

Backing up Windows is a critical task to keep the data on your PC in good protection. And this is another useful feature from UUByte LiteBoot. The entire Windows partition will be backed up in a single file and can be restored completely when needed. Fast and no data loss!



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Explore More Features of UUByte Bootable USB Creator

Free up USB

USB storage shrunk after burning? Free up the hidden storage in 1-click.

Built-in Simulator

Test the bootable USB directly with the stock QEMU simulator. No reboot required!

Reinstall Windows

Completely overwrite the current Windows OS or upgrade to latest Windows 10.

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