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• 4 Popular Tools to Burn .img File to USB Drive

IMG is a less known image format than ISO and it is a big challenge to burn .img file to USB drive to make it as a bootable device. Read more >>>

• How to Run a Windows Program on a Mac

There are times we need to run a Windows program on Mac. Is it possible? Here are 3 free ways to help you run Windows program on Mac computer. Read more >>>

• Download or Repair Windows 10 Drivers via Boot Camp on Mac

Some of the hardware are not working properly in Boot Camp partition. In this tutorial, we will share you the tricks on how to update or repair Windows 10 drivers using Boot Camp app on Mac. Read more >>>

• All Facts about Activating Windows 10 Boot Camp Partition on Mac

You have to activate Windows 10 instance even in Bootcamp partition on Mac in order to use the full function of Windows 10. You will learn all the facts about activating Windows 10 Boot Camp Partition on Mac. Read more >>>

• Best 7 Backup Software for Mac - A Trusted List in 2021

Data backup is an extremely important task for Mac users. It is good to know how to backup your Mac for data safety. Here is a trusted list of best data backup software for Mac. Read more >>>

• How to Copy or Transfer System Preferences to Another Mac

When you switch to new Mac, you might need to keep System Preferences as the same on your old Mac. How to do that? Here are four easy ways to transfer System Preferences to another Mac. Read more >>>

• How to Migrate or Transfer Boot Camp Partition to New Mac

If your old has a Boot Camp partition and want to clone it a new Mac, please check out this useful tutorial. It tells you how to migrate Boot Camp Partition from old Mac to new Mac. Read more >>>

• How to Backup Boot Camp Partition on Mac

If you want to backup Boot Camp partition on your Mac, please take a look at this guide, which provides three different solutions to backup Boot Camp partition on Mac. Read more >>>

• How to Read and Write NTFS Drive on Mac

NTFS is not supported by Mac natively. You have to install certain software in order to read or write NTFS drive on Mac. Here are a few good examples. Read more >>>

• Best 5 Portable DVD Drives for Mac | 2021 Edition

There is no DVD drive on Mac computer by default. You have to purchase a portable DVD drive if you want to play or burn DVDs. Here is the full review of best DVD drives for Mac. Read more >>>

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