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• How to Burn .img File to SD Card

Disc image is file archive that contacts bootable sector for OS installation. This post introduces two free tools to help you burn .img file to SD card. Read more >>>

• How to Burn .raw File to USB Drive

What's the RAW file type and is it possible to burn .raw file to USB drive? We will share 3 recommended ways to do this in 2020. Read more >>>

• How to Burn .bin File to USB Drive

BIN file extension is not as popular as ISO. So if you want to burn .bin file to USB, it might be not that easy to find the proper solutions. Read more >>>

• How to Install Raspberry Pi OS to SD Card on Mac

It is a great fun to play with single board computer like Raspberry Pi. Before getting started, you should install Pi OS to SD card in order to use the board. Now, you can do this on a Mac. Read more >>>

• USB Drive Not Showing up on Mac

Your USB drive is not detected by Mac. And you are pretty sure it is a good one. How could you fix this issue and let the USB showing up on Mac. Read more >>>

• Best Virtual Machine Software for Mac

What's the best software to create a Windows virtual machine on Mac so you can run Windows app on your Mac? Please have a read of this recommended list. Read more >>>

• How to Install Raspberry Pi OS to SD Card from Windows 10

You have to install Pi OS on Raspberry Pi to let it work as expected. You can learn three useful tools to help you do this task. Read more >>>

• How to Clone macOS SSD to Another Drive or SSD

Keep an old version of macOS can be a great help before upgrading to a new version. You can complete the task by cloning the Mac SSD to another drive. Read more >>>

• The Easy Way to Write or Burn .img File to SD Card on Mac

Mac App Store has a very strict policy towards third-party apps. Hence, there are less apps you can use to burn .img file to SD card on a Mac. Fortunately, we are able to find some great ones. Read more >>>

• 5 Unique Ways to Burn ZIP File to USB Drive

Some bootable image file are compressed in a .zip file. You can burn ZIP file to USB drive to make a bootable drive for OS installation. Read more >>>


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