Best Alternatives to Media Creation Tool If It Not Working

There is a high demand for the need of creating Windows bootable media as Windows is not secure and easy to be attacked or infected by virus. People have to reinstall Windows when the problem could not be solved. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not provide such an tool and user have to find the right tool for creating Windows bootable USB by themselves untile the release of Media Creation Tool.

However, if you are facing any problems with Media Creation Tool, or for some reason, it stops working, there are a lot of great alternatives out there you need to check out.

Media Creation Tool Error


What is Media Creation Tool

When you go to the Windows 10 download page from Microsoft website on a PC, it will download Media Creation Tool automatically instead of Windows 10 ISO itself. It is now the official tool for creating Windows 10 installation media.

Main Features:

* Upgrade old version of Windows to Windows 10. If you are still using Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, you can download Media Creation Tool on old PC and use it to upgrade Windows OS to latest Windows 10. This is done automatically.

* Download Windows 10 ISO image. Get latest Windows 10 ISO image from Microsoft. It is clean and virus/ads free!

* Create Windows 10 installation media on PC. This is the most used feature of Media Creation Tool. You can get a Windows 10 bootable USB for installation by following the prompt.

Media Creation Tool


Common Issues with Media Creation Tool

Windows Media Creation Tool is a trustful and reliable software developed by Microsoft staff. It works in most of cases but it is not perfect. You may come across glitches, bugs and errors when using it on a PC with outdated hardware. Some of the common issues are:

  • Unable to detect USB drive connected to computer.
  • Stuck at file copying process.
  • Take too much time downloading Windows 10 ISO.
  • Failed to create Windows 10 installation media on some USB.

Best Alternatives to Media Creation Tool

Like we said in above, Media Creation Tool is not perfect. It does have bugs and issues that could not solved easily. Hence, we have to find out other alternative software for creating Windows 10 bootable USB. Below is a list of our recommendation based on our extensive test..

1. UUByte ISO Editor

UUByte ISO Editor is a professional tool for creating, editing, burning, and extracting content from an ISO file. It also can burn ISO to USB. One of the best things when it comes to the software is that it receives new updates on a regular basis to keep it compatible with the latest Windows 10 firmware.

ISO burning is what makes UUByte ISO Editor stand out. In fact, you can burn an ISO file directly to an external USB flash drive without any restrictions. Also, you can easily create a bootable disk from any ISO image so you can boot your computer from it in case something goes wrong with your computer.

First, download UUByte ISO and click 'Burn' tab once open the tool. You will be lead to a new page, where you need to import ISO image and select USB drive. After this, simply click 'Burn' button to start copying Windows 10 ISO to USB. Once it is completed, a Windows 10 bootable USB is created successfully. That's all of it. Simple enough, right?

UUByte ISO Burner


2. UNetbootin

UNetbootin is one of the best alternatives to Media Creation Tool. As the name suggests, the tool allows you to create bootable Live USB installer for both Linux and Windows. The best part is that it features built-in support for automatical ISO download.

UNetbootin is powered by a single user interface in which you can choose to download any mainstream Linux operating system. This eliminates the need to browse through websites in search of OS download.

Another feature lies in its cross-platform support. In fact, you can create a bootable USB stick from an ISO file on Windows, Mac and Linux. So, do not worry about what OS you are running. Also, UNetbootin automatically detects your USB drives, thus preventing any drive corruption that can result in data loss.

To use UNetbootin, you simply download it from its official page, then locate your ISO file and let it do the worl.

UNetbootin Windows


However, there is an exception to everything and UNetbootin is no different. One major drawback lies in the performance. Indeed, it may stop working on Windows or crashes. Another downside is that you may run into some problems like "failed to create a bootable USB drive", forcing you to restart the system for a fix.

3. Etcher

Etcher is one of the top recommendations when it comes to flashing OS images to SD cards or USB drives. It also allows users to create bootable media of an operating system or installer. Unlike UUByte, Etcher is free to download on Windows, macOS and Linux. You also have the option to upgrade to the Pro version.

What sets Etcher apart from its rivals is the Speed. In fact, the process of OS flashing is super-fast while preserving the integrity of your data. Indeed, simply select your image file and drive, and hit the Flash button.

Another feature lies in its cross-platform support. In fact, you can create a bootable USB stick from an ISO file on any operating system. So, do not worry about what OS you are running. Also, UNetbootin automatically detects your USB drives, thus preventing any drive corruption that can result in data loss.

Etcher Windows


Etcher is an open-source tool, so you can dive in and contribute. You simply contact the team behind the software and ask for a cooperation. Also, the tool features a beautiful, simple user interface, allowing for easier navigation.

Which is the best alternative to Media Creation Tool? It really depends. For normal users, UUByte ISO Editor is pretty amazing solution because all technical details are hidden from the user interface. What you have to do is making a few mouse clicks. However, if you would like to use a free alternative, then UNetbootin and Etcher are your best friends