Win to Go Tutorial

• How to Create Win to Go USB with Rufus

Want to create a portable Win To Go USB drive? You can now use Rufus to do that in easy steps. Please get prepared first and download Rufus to complete the task. Read more >>>

• Recommendation for Windows to Go Certified USB Sticks

Normal USB usually does not work for creating a Windows To Go device. You need special type of USB sticks in order to run Win To Go on a USB drive. Read more >>>

• How to Clone Windows 10 to USB as Portable Drive

If you felt it was not convenient to carry about a Windows 10 laptop or tablet, then you can clone Windows 10 to USB drive and make it portable. Read more >>>

• How to Install Windows 10 to External Hard Drive as Portable

Creating a portable Windows 10 hard drive is a challenging task. In order to run Windows 10 from external hard drive, please follow the instructions in this article. Read more >>>

• Create Windows To Go Drive with Non-Certified USB

Windows To Go Creator shipped with Windows 10 can only support Microsoft Certified USB drives. How can you install Windows 10 on a non-certified USB flash drive? Read more >>>

• How to Run Windows 10 from USB Drive on Mac

You can gain a lot of benefis when running Windows 10 from USB drive on Mac. This tutorial is intended to let you know how to accomplish this task in easy steps. Read more >>>

• How to Clone Windows 10/8/7 to External HDD/SSD as Portable

It is pretty common to run a portable version of Windows 10 from external drive. You can make such a portable drive by cloning the current Windows OS to external hard drive or SSD. Read more >>>

• Best WinToUSB Alternative to Create Portable Windows 10/8/7 USB

WinToUSB is a popular tool for creating portable Windows 10/8/7 USB drive. If it is not working properly on your PC, please check out the best alternative to WinToUSB. Read more >>>

• How to Create a Windows To Go USB Drive

This is a complete tutorial for creating a Windows To Go USB drive in different ways. You can create a WTG drive on a certified or non-certified USB drive according to our tutorial. Read more >>>

• How to Create a Windows To Go USB Drive for Mac

With the help of Windows To Go technology, you can now create a WTG USB drive and directly run Windows OS from Mac without virtual machine or Boot Camp. Read more >>>


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