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• 2 Methods to Install macOS Big Sur on Windows 10 PC

Interested in macOS Big Sur and want to test it by yourself? Yes. You can create a virtual machine of macOS Big Sur on your Windows 10 PC. Read more >>>

• Make a Bootable macOS Big Sur USB Installer on PC & Mac

It is still not possible to install macOS Big Sur via App Store. So you have to download the dmg file and make a bootable Big Sur USB installer by your own. Read more >>>

• How to Reinstall macOS on a Windows-only Mac Machine

There are Mac users who only installed Windows on thier Mac. And now they want to reinstall macOS on it. What's the correct way to do this? Read more >>>

• Create a macOS Bootable USB on Windows 10 PC Using VirtualBox

Do not have a Mac? How can you create a bootable macOS USB installer on a Windows PC? In this post, we will use virtual machine software to complete the task for free. Read more >>>

• How to Install 2 Different macOS Versions on a Single Mac

There are cases where you need to run two versions of macOS for different tasks. This article will tell you how to install 2 different macOS versions on a single Mac. Read more >>>

• Create macOS Mojave bootable USB installer on PC

How to create a macOS Mojave bootable USB drive on a Windows PC? This is a complete tutorial for that! Read more >>>

• How to Install macOS Catalina on an Unsupported Mac

Catalina is the latest stable release of macOS. However, some of the Macs are not supported official. Here is the trick on how to install Catalina on an unsupported Mac computer. Read more >>>

• How to Upgrade Your Mac from High Sierra to Mojave

Some of the latest apps can not work properly on High Serria. You have to upgrade to a new version to use the app. Here, we provide two different ways to upgrade from High Serria to Mojave. Read more >>>

• How to Install macOS Catalina on an External SSD

Catalina is one of the best macOS release. And you can try it out by installing it on an external SSD. Here is how to accomplish this task. Read more >>>

• How to Downgrade Your Mac from Catalina to Mojave

There are some bugs on latest macOS Catalina. If the problem could not be fix, it is a good ideal to switch back to Mojave. This is a tutorial on how to downgrade from Catalina to Mojave. Read more >>>


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