DMG & Mac Solutions

• How to Upgrade to macOS Big Sur from Catalina/Mojave

macOS Big Sur Beta is public available. If your Mac is compatible with Big Sur, how can you upgrade the current macOS to Big Sur? Read more >>>

• TransMac For Mac

Are you planning to create bootable USB drive from DMG file using TransMac? Do you know TransMac is not available on Mac? Read more >>>

• TransMac Bootable USB Not Working

Your Mac can not see the USB drive name created by TransMac? How this happens and what's the recommended way to fix this issue? Read more >>>

• How to Download macOS High Serria DMG File

Still want to run macOS High Serria on your old Mac? How can you download the dmg file and make a bootable installation media from it? Read more >>>

• How to Install macOS Big Sur on an Unsupported Mac

macOS Big Sur is available for public release. If your Mac was not included in official supported list, you can follow this guide to install Big Sur on an unsupported Mac. Read more >>>


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