How to Dual Boot (Win11 + Win11 ) on a PC from Two Separate SSDs

There are cases for which you need to run two different instances of Windows 11. You can achieve this by using more than one computers but it is costly. Another popular solution is to dual boot Windows 11 on a single computer with two separate hard drives (SSD is more recommended than HDD nowadays). We … Read more

How to Add Songs to Apple Music on iPhone from Windows 11 PC

Apple Music is now the default app to play and stream music on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Generally, you can buy and download music from Apple or add songs to Apple Music library from a local PC or Mac. Basically, the latter approach is more welcomed for users who own a large music collection and … Read more

How to Save Local Files to OneDrive Automatically in Windows 11

OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud storage solution for Windows users. However, you need to complete a few settings before syncing files in Windows 11 to OneDrive server, such as logging in a Microsoft account and adding a local folder for OneDrive Sync. After that, all files and folders in OneDrive folder will … Read more

Can’t Download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft?

To create a bootable Windows 11 installation media, we need to download Windows 11 ISO first. It is a disk image that compresses all files and folders for running Windows 11 OS. Usually, we can download Windows 11 ISO directly from Microsoft website after selecting the edition and language. This is the safest and most … Read more

16 Must-Have Free Tools for Windows 11 (2022 Edition)

When you get a new Windows 11 PC or laptop, it only comes with a handful of apps provided by Microsoft, such as Edge Browser, Photo Viewer, Calculator, etc… The number is much less than the needs for different apps to make Windows 11 a satisfied machine for work. So in here, we are going … Read more