The Ultimate Guide to Fake GPS Location on iPhone 2024

GPS technology is an essential feature in modern smartphones that helps users navigate, locate, and access services based on their current location. However, there may be instances when one needs to fake their GPS location on iPhone, such as when playing location-based games, accessing geo-restricted content, or for privacy reasons. While faking GPS location on … Read more

How to Prevent or Disable Windows 11 from Installing Hardware Updates

Windows updates, including system and hardware updates, is enabled by default on Windows 11 PC. You might receive several hardware updates in one week and you don’t have no clue what these updates are about. You won’t get more details about the updates even asking the Microsoft support team. In most cases, hardware updates are … Read more

Failed to Install Windows 10 on Intel Mac? Try These Fixes in 2023

Installing Windows 10 on Intel Mac is totally possible and it is a hassle free experience with the native Bootcamp app. You can also dual boot Mac and Windows 10 without using Bootcamp. Unfortunately, you might came across issues and failed to install Windows 10 on your Mac.  Here are a few solutions you can … Read more

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Can You Use iPhone US eSIM Card in the UK?

Model iPhones such as iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are shipped with an eSIM card by default. Hence, the use of eSIM technology is becoming increasingly popular in the world of mobile communications. An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a chip that is embedded into a device and allows it to connect to a cellular … Read more

How to Convert PDF into PowerPoint on Mac Free 2024

It is a big challenge to navigate the intersection of different document formats, particularly when you need to use the important data from a PDF into a dynamic PowerPoint presentation. For Mac users, this task can seem daunting due as PowerPoint is not a native file support, which is developed by Microsoft. However, there’s good … Read more

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How to Fix DaisyDisk Running Very Slow to Scan on Mac Sonoma

For Mac users, DaisyDisk is a popular choice when it comes to disk analysis and management. It’s designed to provide a visual representation of your disk space, helping you identify and eliminate unnecessary files. However, with the release of Mac Sonoma, some users have reported DaisyDisk running slower than usual during scans. This can be … Read more

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Mac Startup Keys and Boot Mode: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the intricacies of macOS can be a breeze with the right knowledge. Presenting a succinct guide to macOS boot modes and the essential startup key combinations – your roadmap to understanding and optimizing your Mac’s startup process. Whether you’re troubleshooting or just curious, this guide has you covered. What is the Boot Mode on … Read more

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How to Install Rosetta 2 on Your Mac M1 or M2

Apple’s shift from Intel to its proprietary chips left many pondering the fate of Intel-dependent apps. In 2020, with the release of macOS Big Sur, Apple incorporated Rosetta 2 seamlessly on Apple Silicon Mac. This ensures that Intel-based apps run smoothly on M1 or M2 Mac. Curious about Rosetta and how to leverage it? Let … Read more

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5 Ways to Read and Write NTFS on Mac 2023 (Including M1 and M2)

NTFS, which stands for New Technology File System, is a file system commonly used in Windows operating systems. However, Mac users often face challenges when it comes to reading and writing NTFS formatted drives. This limitation can be frustrating, especially for individuals who frequently work with both Mac and Windows systems. Fortunately, there are several … Read more

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