The Ultimate Guide to Fake GPS Location on iPhone 2024

GPS technology is an essential feature in modern smartphones that helps users navigate, locate, and access services based on their current location. However, there may be instances when one needs to fake their GPS location on iPhone, such as when playing location-based games, accessing geo-restricted content, or for privacy reasons. While faking GPS location on … Read more

4 Proven Ways to Copy Music from Windows PC to iPhone 14

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iOS 16 Bricked My iPhone (Won’t Turn on) ? How to Fix It

Apple started to push iOS 16 update to iPhone users later this year. According to Apple documentation, iOS 16 is full compatible with a large number of iPhone models, even including the old devices like iPhone 8 or iPhone SE. If your iPhone was on the support list, you will get iOS update notification from … Read more

[Fixed] iPhone Says No SIM Card Installed After iOS 16 Update

We heard dozens of complaints since the introduction of iOS 16 from our readers. Several of them reported that their iPhones popped up No SIM Card Installed message from time to time. This happened to iPhone XS, XR, 12, 13 and the latest iPhone 14. A quick fix is to restart the iPhone. However, the … Read more

My Mac Won’t Recognize iPhone After Upgrading to iOS 16

When a new iOS update is pushed out and available for public, the update notification shows up on your iPhone from time to time. It will only disappear after you have installed the update on your iPhone. And Apple always recommends installing the latest update so you can enjoy the benefits of new iOS features. … Read more

How to Unfreeze an iPhone 14 When Not Responding

My iPhone 14 Pro Max is not responding and frozen from time to time after upgrading to the latest iOS 16.1 beta 5. This also applies to iPad when free storage is not enough. If you have the same problem like me, please follow the suggestions in below to unfree an iPhone, iPad or iPod … Read more

How to Make iPhone Trust Your Mac or PC Permanently

When an iPhone is connected to a Mac or PC for the first time, your computer will ask if you are going to trust this computer for connection. You have to confirm the action every time this iPhone is plugged in, which is a quite annoying step as you have to enter the passcode each … Read more