How to Fix Chrome ‘Failed – Virus Detected’ Error in Windows 11

Google Chrom is one of the most popular web browsers in desktop computers and many Windows 11 users installed Chrome as the default browser. Now, Chrome adds more security features to its core and prevent the computer infected by virus or malware. When attempting a file download using Google Chrome, you may occasionally encounter the … Read more

How to Check If Your CPU is Supported by Windows 11 24H2

Microsoft is gearing up to launch the next major update of Windows this fall, namely the 24H2 version. As the next major update for Windows, Microsoft plans to focus on AI features in Windows 11 24H2, which will enhance productivity applications and entertainment experiences. However, the current Build 25905 beta has introduced a new hardware … Read more

How to Use Microsoft Copilot AI ChatBot on a Mac

While Microsoft has not developed a specific Mac application for Copilot, Mac users have alternative methods to utilize this advanced chatbot on their devices. There exists two alternative approaches for using Microsoft Copilot chatbot on a Mac with a simple keystroke. What is Microsoft Copilot? Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant developed by Microsoft, … Read more

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Best 7 Keystroke Recorders for Mac – Boost Productivity with Efficient Monitoring!

Keystroke recorders have become an essential tool for various purposes. Whether you want to monitor your child’s online activity, keep track of your employees’ productivity, or protect your personal information, keystroke recorder software can be a game-changer. With the abundance of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right keystroke recorder for Mac. … Read more

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Best 7 Photo Library Managers for Windows – Streamline and Organize Your Digital Photos!

We capture countless photos every day. From special occasions to everyday moments, our photo libraries quickly accumulate and can become overwhelming to manage. Finding the right photo in a sea of files becomes a daunting task. That’s where a photo library manager for Windows comes to the rescue. This software not only helps you organize … Read more

3 Dedicated Apps to Replace the Full Function of iTunes on Windows 11

For those who rely on iTunes for syncing or backing up their iPhone or iPad, streaming their Apple Music library, or viewing content on Apple TV, Apple has introduced alternative applications that could replace iTunes. However, there might be reasons to continue using iTunes despite these new options. On February 2024, Apple launched three new … Read more

How to Move Apps from One Drive to Another on Windows 11

Are you facing the dilemma of a cluttered drive, struggling to make room for new installations, or did you mistakenly install a program where it wasn’t supposed to be? Fear not! The process of transferring your applications and games to a different drive is straightforward and hassle-free. Let’s guide you through the steps to efficiently … Read more

3 Easy Tricks to Help You Connect a Mac to a TV

For Mac users looking to elevate their viewing pleasure, hooking up your Mac to a television for an enhanced viewing experience is both enjoyable and thrilling. From streaming your favorite series on a larger screen to sharing slideshows of your latest adventures with friends and family, the benefits are boundless. However, the process might seem … Read more

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3 Quick Ways to Repair a Corrupted ZIP File in Windows 11 PC

ZIP files serve as a cornerstone for compressing data and facilitating easier file sharing. However, the inconvenience of encountering a corrupted ZIP file can disrupt workflow and access to critical information, especially for users of Windows 11 PCs. Whether the corruption stems from incomplete downloads, transmission errors, or unexpected system shutdowns, the need for swift … Read more

7 Best Diagnostics Tools for Windows 11 to Check PC Health

Regardless of your experience level with Windows 11, it’s inevitable that your computer will encounter issues that are challenging to pinpoint. Before reaching out to technical support, consider using various computer diagnostic tools available to you to start a health check on Windows 11. 1. HWiNFO Dealing with hardware issues can be extremely frustrating, often … Read more