macOS Big Sur Tips and Tricks

• 2 Methods to Install macOS Big Sur on Windows 10 PC

Interested in macOS Big Sur and want to test it by yourself? Yes. You can create a virtual machine of macOS Big Sur on your Windows 10 PC. Read more >>>

• Make a Bootable macOS Big Sur USB Installer on PC & Mac

It is still not possible to install macOS Big Sur via App Store. So you have to download the dmg file and make a bootable Big Sur USB installer by your own. Read more >>>

• MacOS Big Sur Beta Bugs & Issues | A Troubleshooting Guide

You might come across a few issues after upgrading to macOS Big Sur Beta. Don't worry! Here are some tips to troubleshooting the process. Read more >>>

• A List of Apps Not Running or Working on macOS Big Sur

Some of the apps are not working or running properly on latest macOS Big Sur Beta. Here is a full list you can refer to. Read more >>>

• How to Upgrade to macOS Big Sur from Catalina/Mojave

macOS Big Sur Beta is public available. If your Mac is compatible with Big Sur, how can you upgrade the current macOS to Big Sur? Read more >>>

• How to Downgrade from macOS Big Sur to Catalina

If you are not satisfied macOS Big Sur after upgrade, then you can easily roll back or downgrade from Big Sur to Catalina. Read more >>>

• 4 Ways to Download macOS Big Sur Beta File

macOS Big Sur is still not public available in App Store. Currently, you can only install the beta version. Do you know how to download macOS Big Sur Beta file? Read more >>>

• How to Install macOS Big Sur on External Hard Drive or SSD

The official release of macOS Big Sur is still not available and there are many bugs in Public beta. So it is highly recommended installing macOS Big Sur on an external hard drive or SSD. Read more >>>

• How to Run Big Sur from External Drive or SSD on Mac

Big Sur is a brand new version of macOS and it is still not stable! We recommend running macOS Big Sur from external drive if you just want to test it out. Read more >>>


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