Intuitive User Interface with Simplified Procedure

User satisfaction is at the heart of UUByte software and UUByte DMG Editor is no exception! It is a comprehensive toolkit s built with clean UI for DMG file management. All the tasks will be done within a few mouse clicks no matter how complex it is.

3 steps to burn dmg to USB





Create macOS Bootable USB on Windows PC

Easily Create macOS Bootable USB on Windows PC

Something wrong with your Mac and cannot boot into it? No worries! UUByte DMG Editor is a handy tool for making bootable Mac USB. More importantly, it supports Windows OS and macOS at the same time. Wait for 10-15 minutes, a macOS installer USB is ready for repairing your Mac and leaving your personal data on Mac untouched.




Safely Burn 10+ Types of Disk Images to USB

There are few image burning software that support multiple types of disk images. Fortunately, UUByte DMG Editor is capable of doing that on both Windows and macOS. Currently, the supported file types of disk images are dmg, iso, img, zip, bin, bz2, gz, raw, sdcard, xz and more.

In addition, the supported OS images are Windows, Linux, macOS Android, Raspbian, Retropie, OSMC, Recalbox, DietPi and many more. 

support 10 + image types


Open DMG File on Windows PC

Directly Open DMG File on Windows PC

Look for a way to open .dmg file on Windows PC and got stuck? Why not giving a try on UUByte DMG Editor! It can load .dmg file quickly on Windows PC to help the user view all files and folders contained in that disk image. Now, this app can directly run on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8 and Windows 7.



Fully Extract Content from DMG on Windows OS

Powered by a fast file decompressing engine, UUByte DMG Editor is able to extract all data from a DMG archive on a Windows or Mac computer. All content will be copied to local drive byte by byte. Hence, there is no data loss during the decompressing process no matter what kind of compressing algorithm is applied to the archive.


extract content from DMG

Explore More Features

Ultra-fast Speed

Insane file copying speed at 5-10 MB/s. 5X faster than other popular tools.

Validate Disk Image

Check the integrality of imported image and don’t waste your time on corrupted ones

SD Card Support

Flash OS image to SD card flawlessly and compatible with latest SD standards.



Burn a disk image to multiple USB drive or SD Card at the same time.

Regular Software Update

Frequent updates to keep up with latest Windows 10 and macOS.

Professional Customer Support

Get fast reply from UUByte customer support team without any delay.

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