3 Free Ways to Convert M4A Audio to MP3 on a Mac or PC

Audio file compatibility is a big challenge, especially when dealing with different formats across various devices and platforms. One common scenario involves the M4A format, a popular choice for its high-quality audio associated with Apple devices. However, not all devices or software support M4A. Hence it is necessary to convert these files to a more … Read more

How to Safely Clear System Cache on Mac Sonoma 2024

Your Mac could slow down due to the accumulation of system and browser caches. These caches are temporary files created by applications and the system itself to speed up processes, but ironically, when they pile up, they can bog down your machine. Understanding how to clean your Mac’s system cache is essential for maintaining its … Read more

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4 Proven Ways to Copy Music from Windows PC to iPhone 14

When you get a brand new iPhone 14, one of the early steps is to copy music from the PC to iPhone 14. Transferring  music to iPhone allows you to access your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. In addition, it allows you to listen to your favorite songs even when you don‘t have an internet connection. … Read more

6 Best Free Android Emulator for Windows 11 PC (2024 Edition)

In the past decade, we could not live without computer. But now, smartphones are dominating the world! Some of the apps and games are exclusive to mobile devices. However, the display of smartphones are quite limited when comparing to computers. So, it could be a little difficult or tired to work or play games on … Read more

How to Save Local Files to OneDrive Automatically in Windows 11

OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud storage solution for Windows users. However, you need to complete a few settings before syncing files in Windows 11 to OneDrive server, such as logging in a Microsoft account and adding a local folder for OneDrive Sync. After that, all files and folders in OneDrive folder will … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Delete Leftover Files on Mac Sonoma

Withe time of continuously running, your Mac accumulates a multitude of unnecessary files on our devices. Especially for Mac Sonoma users, these leftover files not only take up precious space but can also slow down your system. Understanding how to efficiently and safely remove these files is crucial for maintaining your Mac’s performance and organization. … Read more

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Can’t Download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft?

To create a bootable Windows 11 installation media, we need to download Windows 11 ISO first. It is a disk image that compresses all files and folders for running Windows 11 OS. Usually, we can download Windows 11 ISO directly from Microsoft website after selecting the edition and language. This is the safest and most … Read more

Best Remote Desktop App for Mac Ventura – Access Your Mac Remotely in 2024

For some industries, Mac is the preferred devices for working, such as software development, design and art. Sometimes, we need to access the files on our Mac from another device at home when urgent task emerged. One of the most convenient ways is through remote desktop app, which helps you access Mac from Internet. In … Read more

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A Quick Way to Batch Convert HEIC to PNG on Mac Sonoma

HEIC is a new image format introduced by Apple. Now, all images taken from iPhone or iPad are stored in .heic extension by default. In fact, you can view and convert heic image on Mac in a very comfortable manner. However, it could be a plain when opening or editing HEIC images on Windows PC … Read more

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How to Open RAR Files on Mac without Downloading Any Software

File sharing and data transfer have become commonplace. One of the most popular file formats for compressing large volumes of data is the RAR format. While Windows users have a plethora of tools at their disposal to open these files, Mac users often find themselves at a crossroads, searching for software to extract the contents … Read more

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