BitLocker Solutions

• How to Open BitLocker Encrypted USB or Drive on macOS

You might encrypted USB or portable hard drive with Bitlocker, a Windows based encryption mechanism. Do you know how to open BitLocker protected USB on Mac? Read more >>>

• How to Access BitLocker Encrypted Drive on Mac

Mac does not have native support for Microsoft BitLocker encryption. To access a BitLocker encrypted USB drive or portable hard drive, you have to use third-party software to open the drive. Read more >>>

• How to Unlock BitLocker Encrypted Drive on Another PC or Mac

It is common to see BitLocker encrypted drive for security reason. The question arises when you want to access or unlock BitLocker encrypted drive on another PC or Mac. Read more >>>

• Which is the Best BitLocker Equivalent for Mac?

BitLocker is free drive encryption feature available in Windows 10. If you want to encrypt a drive on Mac, which is the Best BitLocker Equivalent for Mac? Read more >>>


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