Frequently Asked Question about UUByte BitLocker Geeker


UUByte BitLocker Geeker is a reliable app for reading and writing encrypted BitLocker drives on Mac. It has been tested with different BitLocker encryptions and run on different Mac computers with different macOS versions, including the latest Catalina.


However, no software is perfect and you might come up with questions when using BitLocker Geeker. Below is a list of frequently asked question about this Mac app.


Question 1: What kind of BitLocker drives BitLocker Geeker support?

Currently, BitLocker Geeker supports external Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, USB Stick and Portable SSD.


Question 2: Why my BitLocker drive not being listed?

This means the drive is not well connected to Mac. Please unplug and plug it into Mac again. You can also change another USB port on Mac. If it still fails, just reboot your Mac.


On latest macOS Catalina, you should grant Full Disk Access permission to Bitlocker Geeker. This can be done in System Preferences -> Seucrity & Privacy.


Question 3: How much time for unlocking my BitLocker drive?

It only takes a few seconds to unlock your BitLocker drive when the correct password is typed. Please be patient and wait until you see a pop-up window that displays files and folders of BitLocker drive.


Question 4: BitLocker Geeker user interface not loaded

Please close the app and open it again from desktop shortcut.


Question 5: App crashed

This happens occasionally and it does not repeat. Wait 1-2 minutes and re-open the app. And it will work.


Question 6: BitLocker drive listed but not able to load the files

If there is no lock icon on BitLocker drive name, it means the drive uses an unsupported or out dated BitLocker encryption. You have to format the drive and encrypt the drive with a different encryption method.



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