UUByte NTFS Geeker

A fast and reliable NTFS for Mac app to read and write NTFS drive on Mac

Compatible with latest macOS Sonoma and work perfectly on Intel and M1/M2/M3 Mac. No complex settings and super easy to use!

Freely Read & Write NTFS Drive on Mac

Connected a NTFS storage device to Mac but could not copy files to it? This is true because Apple does not pay patent fee to Microsoft. Simply put, writing to NTFS drive on Mac is not permitted by default as NTFS is a proprietary file system owned by Microsoft. With the help of UUByte NTFS Geeker, full read and write access for NTFS file system are allowed.

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Read NTFS Drive on Mac

UUByte NTFS for Mac software can quickly detect external NTFS drive attached to Mac. After that, you can open files from NTFS drive or copy files from NTFS drive to Mac.

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Write NTFS Drive on Mac

In fact, NTFS writing permission is not granted on Mac. Mac needs additional library to support NTFS write. That's the role for UUByte NTFS for Mac. Once NTFS Geeker app was installed, it is totally fine to write a NTFS drive on Mac.

Compatible with macOS Sonoma

Run well on latest macOS Sonoma as well as Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Move and High Sierra.

Ready for Intel and Apple Silicon M1 Mac

Granted reading and writing access for both Intel chip powered Mac and Apple Silicon M1 Mac.

Support All NTFS Versions

Including the latest NTFS v3.1 and old versions like NTFS 3.0/1.2/1.1/1.0.

Enhanced Security Feature

Extremely safe mechanism for data transfer thanks to reinforced algorithm.

How to Use NTFS for Mac to Read or Write NTFS Disk on Mac

Step 1: Install UUByte NTFS Geeker
Get a copy of UUByte NTFS Geeker and follow the screen prompt to install this app on Mac.
Step 2: Plug in NTFS Drive on Mac
Take out the NTFS drive and connect it to one proper port on Mac using USB cable.
Step 3: Read or Write NTFS Disk on Mac
Once UUByte NTFS Geeker detects the drive, double click on it to mount NTFS drive on Mac. After that, you can read or write this NTFS drive.
  • UUByte install WintoUSB Pro
  • Boot setings of wintoUSB Pro
  • Start to create Windows to GO USB
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Optimized File Transfer Speed


In general terms, file transfer between external NTFS drive and internal Mac drive is much slower than native HFS or APFS drive. Our smart AI engine makes file transfer 3 times faster than competitive products thanks to recently optimized caching algorithm. It is almost the same as native data transfer on Mac. This could save a lot of time from waiting for large file copy.


Full Device Support


All NTFS formatted drives and storage devices are well supported by UUByte NTFS Geeker, including USB flash drive, USB Pen drive, portable SSD, portable hard drive, memory stick and SD Card. All NTFS devices will be detected automatically and displayed on the screen. Click one of the listed drives and start reading or writing NTFS drive on Mac.

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Why Choosing UUByte NTFS for Mac Software

Pleasant User Experience

Extremely easy to set it up on Mac and has a great user interface.

Prompt Reply

User questions and inquires will be answered very quickly. No competitive products could beat UUByte on this.

100% Clean and Virus Free

Got verified by Apple Developer Team and scanned by more than one hundred anti-virus software.

Excellent OS Support

All modern macOS operating systems are well supported by UUByte NTFS Geeker as well as old Mac OS X.

User Review

  • user 1

    very helpful app to write NTFS USB on mac!

    Amazed by the simplicity of NTFS Geeker app. Made a few mouse clicks on my MacBook Pro and my NTFS is now fully writable now!

  • User 2

    my respect to UUByte NTFS for Mac

    Spent three hours with free Mounty app but it could not allow me to copy files from my MacBook Air to external NTFS drive. UUByte NTFS for Mac tool does it quite well!

  • user3

    highly recommend UUByte NTFS Geeker

    I have a portable hard drive and formatted by NTFS on my Windows 10 laptop. Tried two well-known app for writing NTFS drive on Mac but both failed to work on macOS Monterey with a M1 chip. No problem with NTFS Geeker and it is also working great on my Intel Mac Mini.