Refund Policy

At UUByte, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality software along with the best sales and technical support services.


All our software products are free to download and come with a trial version in default. This ensures our products are just what you need. We also have comprehensive information on our website for our products and services. If you have any question about sales, then contact sales representative. If the software is the right one for you after trial and testing, then you can make a purchase from our online store.


Cases Eligible for A Refund:

1. The product has fatal error and not working properly. The client should send the proof (screenshot or video) to our support team.

2. Not receiving registration code after purchase and no response from our sales support after client reported the issue.

3. The client makes more than one purchases. We will refund the duplicate orders as needed after checking the usage of registration codes associated with the orders.


Cases Ineligible for A Refund:

1. The client purchased for wrong product. An exchange is available but not for refund.

2. The client follows the wrong instructions and refuses to take the advice suggested by our technical team.

3. Our support team failed to provide the solution to client’s issue.

4. The client refuses to provide evidence that proves the software is not working properly.

5. The client did not read the license policy carefully and purchased a wrong license type.

6. The bug reported was fixed in a newer version than the client owns, but the client refuses to upgrade.