What is the Fastest Way to Transfer Data from iPhone to New iPhone 14

As an iPhone user, the most important task you should do when you get a new iPhone is how to transfer data and apps on old iPhone to the new iPhone. Currently, there are four different ways to do that. But the time varies dramatically among them. We will review each of them and pick up the best from them.

In our example, we will show you the best and fastest way to transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 14.

AirDrop (55 MB/S)

AirDrop is a feature that allows you to wirelessly share files between Apple devices. It uses Bluetooth to create a peer-to-peer connection, and Wi-Fi to actually transfer the data. This means that you can share files even if you’re not connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

From my experiment, AirDrop is the fastest way to move data from iPhone to another iPhone. The transfer speed is approximately 55 MB per second. However, this feature requires iOS 12.4 and later.

To use AirDrop, both devices need to have AirDrop turned on. After that, you’ll see a list of nearby devices that you can share with. Just tap on the device that you want to share with, and the file will be sent over. The recipient will get a notification that the file is waiting for them, and they can then choose to accept or decline it.

Steps: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to New iPhone Using AirDrop

1. Turn on the old and new iPhone 14.

2. Make sure both iPhones near each other in order to AirDrop.

3. You will see a ‘Set New iPhone’ prompt on your iPhone  14 and tap on Continue to proceed.

4. Wait a few seconds to let two iPhones being paired.

5. On the iPhone you’re transferring data from, select the files you want to share.

6. Now, put the circle on new iPhone into the circle shown on the old iPhone.

7. Once the connection is established, the data will be moved from old iPhone to new iPhone 14 automatically.

AirDrop is the best way to quickly share files between Apple devices. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require additional setup.

iCloud Backup (20 MB/S)

iCloud is a remove backup service from all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac. It offers users 5GB of free storage, with the option to upgrade to a larger storage plan. iCloud can be used to backup your iOS device, as well as to sync your contacts, calendars, and other data across your devices.

In United States, it is a quite fast way to move data from old iPhone to new iPhone as Internet download speed is highly high. According to this report, the average Internet speed in US is 119.03 Mbps.

So if you have a good Internet connection, iCloud is potentially the fastest way to copy data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

Steps: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to New iPhone from iCloud Backup

1. Make sure that both iPhones are connected to the internet and that iCloud is enabled on both devices.

2. On the source iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud and tap on the "Backup" option.

3. Make sure that the "iCloud Backup" switch is turned on and tap on the "Back Up Now" button.

4. Wait for the backup process to complete.

5. On the destination iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud and tap on the "Restore" option.

6. Select the backup that you just created on the source iPhone and wait for the restore process to complete.

Overall, this is the second fastest way to move data between two iPhones. However, you need to purchase additional storage to keep all data and apps in Cloud.

USB Cable (8 MB/S)

The two iPhones can be connected via a OTG cable with two lighting ports. This is a built-in method when you are trying to move data from iPhone to another. To do this, you have to buy an extra OTG cable. The stock Lighting cable only has one port for connection.

Steps: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to New iPhone via USB Cable

1. Connect the two iPhones to each other using an OTG cable.

2. Open the Settings app on both devices and select the "Personal Hotspot" option.

3. On the iPhone that you’re transferring data from, tap the "Allow Others to Join" option.

4. On the other iPhone, select the first iPhone from the list of available devices.

5. Once the two devices are connected, you can begin transferring data between them. To do this, simply open the app that you want to transfer data from on the first iPhone and then select the "Share" option.

6. From the share menu, select the "Send to iPhone" option.

7. Finally, select the second iPhone from the list of available devices and the data will begin transferring.

The advantage of USB cable is that it is more stable. It does not reply on Internet or WiFi connection, which may be disrupted during the transfer process. However, you need to wait for more time as the transfer speed is much slower than AirDrop and iCloud.

iTunes Backup (5 MB/S)

iTunes backup is a great way to keep your data safe in case of a software or hardware failure. When you connect your iPhone your computer and open iTunes, you will see the option to "Back Up Now" under the Summary tab. This will create a complete backup of iPhone, including all settings, apps and personal files. You can restore data from previous iTunes backup on a new iPhone.

1. First, make sure that you have an iTunes backup of old iPhone. If you don’t have one, you can create one by connecting your old iPhone to computer and opening iTunes. Then, click on the "Summary" tab and select "Back Up Now."

2. Once you have an iTunes backup, you can restore it to your new iPhone. To do this, connect your new iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Then, click on the "Summary" tab and select "Restore from Backup."

3. Select the iTunes backup that you want to use and click "Restore." This will transfer all of the data from your old iPhone to your new one.

However, there are two problems with iTunes backup. First, the iOS version should be same on both iPhones. You can’t restore the backup to new iPhone if the iOS version didn’t match. Secondly, the transfer speed is the lowest among the methods we listed in this post. So it is not a recommended way to transfer data to new iPhone from iTunes backup.

Video Tutorial: How to Transfer Everything to a New iPhone 14


Comparing Chart

AirDropiCloud BackupUSB CableiTunes Backup
Transfer SpeedFastMediumLowLow
Difficulty LevelMediumEasyEasyHigh
Additional RequirementNoApple IDOTG CableBackup file
Recommendation Level5 Starts4 Starts2 Starts1 Start


According to my personal experience, you don’t have to wait much time when choosing AirDrop as it is the fastest way to transfer data from one iPhone to another. The maximum transfer speed is nearly 60 MB/S, which is several times faster than other methods. Besides AirDrop, iCloud backup is the second fastest solution for data transfer between two iPhones.