6 Best Alternatives to Zoomtext for Enhanced Screen Magnification and Reading Ability

Computers are integral parts of modern society and they have become more important than ever due to the pandemic. Among several software that make using computers easier, screen magnifiers are one of the most significant ones. For people with visual impairments, screen magnification software can make all the difference when it comes to being able to see important documents or read online content. Zoomtext has been one of the most widely-used screen magnification software in the market. However, it has its downsides, such as being quite expensive. Thus, there’s a demand for alternative software that will meet the same requirements.

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What is Zoomtext?

Zoomtext is a leading screen magnification software in the market that is used for enhancing the visibility of the computer screen. It magnifies the chosen area of the screen and makes it easier to read. Zoomtext comes in two variants: one for individuals with visual impairments and another for individuals with learning difficulties.

However, Zoomtext is not without its flaws. Firstly, it is quite expensive, which can be off-putting for many potential users. Secondly, it may not be compatible with all operating systems, which can lead to major problems and difficulties in operation.

So, what are the top alternatives to Zoomtext that can provide users with enhanced screen magnification and reading ability? Let’s take a look.

Top Alternatives to Zoomtext

Best Alternative 1: Magnifying Glass Pro

Magnifying Glass Pro is one of the best Zoomtext alternatives as it provides users with full-screen magnification, easy-to-follow touch screen features, and reading mode. Additionally, it is fully customizable, so users can adjust the operational parameters as per their preferences. Furthermore, Magnifying Glass Pro provides an option that enables users to review the previous articles, videos, or images without minimizing the current applications.


– Provides easy-to-use features
– Customizable screen settings
– Compatible with various operating systems


– There is no option to adjust the clarity level of magnification
– No text-to-speech feature available
– No option to magnify selected area of the screen

Best Alternative 2: MagixLoup

MagixLoup is an effective alternative to Zoomtext because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. From magnifying the full screen to choosing a particular area, this software can do it all. MagixLoup comes with “filter features,” which allow its users to control the color distribution of the screen and enhance the visibility. Moreover, it comes with a crosshair pointer for reading small-sized fonts.


– Full-screen magnification
– Easy-to-use interface
– Crosshair pointer available


– The crosshair pointer can be discreet and often overlooked by users
– No option to alter the clarity level
– The software may not be compatible with all operating systems

Best Alternative 3: Windows Magnifier

Windows Magnifier is the inbuilt screen magnification software in most Windows operating systems. It comes with a simplistic interface and provides full-screen magnification to its users. It also has a cursor option, which can make it easier to read and move through text. Furthermore, it also possesses a dockable magnification interface, which can be very useful when switching between windows.


– Inbuilt in Windows operating systems
– Easy-to-use interface
– Compatible with most operating systems


– Limited magnification options
– No customization available
– Some consumers have reported glitches while using the software.

Best Alternative 4: TrueSight

TrueSight is a powerful screen magnification software that provides top-quality magnification to its users. It has superior readability features such as magnifying the trouble areas to enhance visibility. Also, TrueSight provides the user with a screen splitting option, enabling its users to magnify a portion of the screen while viewing the other part at its original size.


– Superior readability features
– The software is compatible with several operating systems
– Screen splitting feature for magnifying a specific part of the screen


– Can be challenging for users who are new to screen magnification software
– Limited customization available
– The software is quite expensive

Best Alternative 5: Virtual Magnifying Glass

Virtual Magnifying Glass is a great alternative to Zoomtext that is free and open-source. It is compatible with various operating systems and provides full-screen magnification along with an option to increase or decrease the magnification level, color filters, and the size of the lens. Virtual Magnifying Glass also offers a built-in flashlight feature, which makes it easier to read text in low-light conditions.


– Free, open-source software
– Compatible with several operating systems
– Built-in flashlight feature


– Limited option of adjustment
– The software may crash on some operating systems
– Limited customer support

Best Alternative 6: ZoomAid

ZoomAid provides users with full-screen magnification along with customization options involving the clarity level. Unlike most Zoomtext alternatives, ZoomAid offers users the option to speak webpages using Amazon Polly, which can be helpful for visual and auditory impaired users. ZoomAid is easy to install and operate while being compatible with multiple operating systems.


– The software is fully customizable
– Speak webpages using Amazon Polly
– Easy installation and operation


– Limited magnification options
– It is more expensive than other similar software
– Limited technical assistance is available

Comprehensive Comparison of Each Software

Magnifying Glass ProYes, 7 days$50-$100Easy to useGood
MagixLoupYes, 30 days$70-$80Easy to useOk
Windows MagnifierIn-builtFreeEasy to useGood
TrueSightYes, 14 days$200-$300Challenging to useNot Great
Virtual Magnifying GlassYes, unlimitedFreeEasy to useGood
ZoomAidYes, 30 days$150-$200Easy to useNot Great

Our Thoughts on Zoomtext Alternatives

After thorough research and examination of each of the alternatives to Zoomtext, we have concluded that Magnifying Glass Pro is the best option for overall usability and value for money. Magnifying Glass Pro offers users customizable settings and full-screen magnification. Additionally, the option to review articles or watch videos without minimizing the current application is a feature that several screen magnification softwares don’t have. While TrueSight offers high-quality readability features, it’s quite expensive. Moreover, while ZoomAid offers easy operation and Amazon Polly features, it’s very expensive. Thus, Magnifying Glass Pro’s excellent features, accessibility, and affordability make it our top recommendation.

FAQs about Screen Magnification Software

Q1: Can I use screen magnification software for free?

A: Yes, there are a few screen magnification software that offer free versions, such as Virtual Magnifying Glass.

Q2: What are the minimum system requirements for screen magnification software?

A: The minimum system requirements can vary depending on the software but usually require a minimum of 2 GB RAM, 2GHz processor, and 1GB of free disk space.

Q3: Will screen magnification software affect the quality of the screen?

A: No, if the software functions correctly, it will not affect the quality of the screen.

Q4: Does screen magnification software come with a text-to-speech feature?

A: No, not all screen magnification software comes with a text-to-speech feature. You should check the features of each software before making a purchase.

Q5: Which screen magnification software is the most customizable?

A: Magnifying Glass Pro is the most customizable software, as it gives you an option to customize the fundamental operational elements such as enlarging the fonts, controlling the position of the magnifying glass, and studying trouble areas.

In Conclusion

Zoomtext has been popular in the market for a long time. However, with more options being introduced in the market, it can be challenging to pick the best alternative that suits you. While we found each of the presented software to be of great value in their own way, we concluded that Magnifying Glass Pro is the best option due to its affordability and customizable features. No matter which software you pick, a screen magnification software is an essential tool for those who experience difficulty in reading text on the computer screen.